13. Feb 2020

Hey everybody,

we’ve been sharing our band’s journey with you guys for 10 years now and we wanna continue just like that. That’s why we won’t search for a new member behind closed doors, but rather make it an open audition officially starting right now.

So if you can sing and shout, are an outgoing and confident guy, and if you’re willing to put as much effort and work into Eskimo Callboy as we do, then apply now!

Under you will find the instrumental versions of our songs „Crystals“, „MC Thunder“ and „Prism“.

What you need to do is, record your vocals on one (or more) of these songs and additionally perform it on video, so that we can get the best possible impression of you.

Please note, that we don’t need a carbon-copy of our songs. We’d rather like you to show us who you really are by making use of your voice and its performance because Eskimo Callboy’s greatest value has always been their individual personalities. So feel also free to briefly introduce yourself in the video.

Then upload your video to Youtube or a file hosting service of your choice and send an 

e-mail containing the link to your performance and some basic information about you (e.g. name, age, location) to Alternatively, you can also post your video on instagram with the hashtag #eskimocallboyaudition.

We’re so looking forward to your auditions and of course, to maybe being „whole“ again soon!

In the meantime, we continue to work on new music, so make sure to regularly check our social medias!


Eskimo Callboy<3


12. Feb 2020

Hi everybody,

2020 has just begun which is also the year that marks the 10-year anniversary of Eskimo Callboy.

We cannot believe how quickly time has passed. It just feels like yesterday that we wrote our first EP in the dark cellar that used to be our rehearsal room.

We – all together. Without any responsibility, without any expectations and everybody in his very own individual way. This very special way of working together has always been the key to our success:

6 different guys, 6 different influences and at the end of the process the outcome was a killer album.

However, like in every relationship we didn’t just evolve as a group, but also individually.

Ultimately, we also brought our own personal visions with us to the studio and sometimes these simply wouldn’t mix properly. After long talks and even more sleepless nights we all agreed that Sushi and Eskimo Callboy will go separate ways in the future.

We didn’t take the decision lightly, especially considering that we are still friends. Still, it’s the best way to follow our hearts and pursue our passion in the future.

We totally understand that this piece of news might shock you at first, but we sincerely hope that you will understand our decision.

We have already started the new year at full throttle and are working on new songs while you read this. We will definitely play all the previously announced shows, either with a fill-in singer or maybe with someone new already.

We promise you that we will do our best to be „whole“ again soon – with a „bear band-aid“ on our knee.

We are already looking forward to it and send out a big “THANK YOU!” to all of you!


Daniel, Daniel, David, Pascal and Kevin


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